PROTO is a group that focuses on the development of innovative techniques and methods for architecture design. The group works through digital and constructed proto-architectures.



Lluís OrtegaLluís Ortega is PHD Architect by UPC, MA in Philosophy by the UB and Master of Science (AAD) by Columbia University. Distinguished Research Professor Beatriz Galindo at UPC and Associate Professor at IIT in Chicago (on leave). Founder of Jl-Office
Joan PuigdomènechJoan Puigdomènech is PHD on Physics by the UB and MA on Physics by the UAB.
Amadau SantacanaAmadeu Santacana is PHD Architect by UPC. Serra Hunter Professor at UPC. Founder of Nug Architects.
Nil BrulletArchitect and PhD candidate. Founder of Nil Brullet Arquitectura
Laura CarreraMA in Mathematics by the UAB and Master on AI by the UPC
Coque ClaretArchitect and lecturer at the ETSAV-UPC Claret is a founding member of the COAC’s AuS::
Rosa LlullArchitect and lecturer at the ETSAV-UPC. Founder of Bailo Rull Architectura::
Jordi MitjansArchitect and lecturer at the ETSAV-UPC. Founder of Arqbag::

Tomeu RamisArchitect and lecturer at the ETSAV-UPC. Founder of Flexo Arquitectura::
Xavier VancellsArchitect and lecturer at the ETSAV-UPC. Founder of Xavier Vancells Arquitectura::

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